New Partnership Brings Positive Changes to Caring Transitions LRM

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I started Caring Transitions of Little Rock Metro on a prayer and an extremely unimpressive bank account balance (in terms of supporting a business from the ground level up). While I had 30 years of management experience in serving seniors and doing great things, I had absolutely zero experience as an “entrepreneur”/business owner. Being single, I didn’t even have the wise counsel of my “better half” on which to rely. It was just me, with a “deer in the headlight” expression for much of the past 5 years.

I chose a franchise model of business acquisition because the corporate body offers wrap around support, with a business plan and a business coach available to work with owners on whatever challenges we have to address. Angela, my coach, lives in Kentucky. She, and all of the CT Franchise system family are always there for me. Caring Transitions of Little Rock Metro continues to be blessed with exceptional employees and leaders/managers. Every single member of our team works hard and enjoys what they do! We have two managers overseeing our major liquidation service lines and we have a very capable manager for our business office.  

Even with all of this support, it often felt “lonely at the top”, only as it relates to the organizational structure of the company. Every time I whined about wanting a business partner, people would advise against that decision. “Oh no, you’ll lose your autonomy” I suppose was the number one reason to avoid seeking out a partnership. But here are reasons that led me to the decision – to bring in a partner.  

Added Value:  

Bringing in a person with distinct skills and talents only enhances the overall value of the company. A partner offers a different perspective, potential new referral connections, and additional resources.

Added Balance:

Balance refers to both from the perspective of divide and conquer tasks; and something we know as work/life balance.  A partner allows the opportunity for one to truly take time off to recharge their batteries. You can rest knowing that somebody with a vested interest has your back, can make essential decisions, and is the point of support for the rest of the team.

Yes, Partners are swell…as long as it’s the right person. The person(s) I selected are the perfect match for me. The video introduces you to Andy and Kirsten Hughes. Andy and Kirsten are both half my age, with twice the energy and they embrace new technologies and business philosophies. Andy was a partner in a ground up service business (specialty janitorial) in California. He has work history in skilled 24/7 long term care facilities (administration) and in sales/marketing for a large environmental company.  Kirsten was office manager for a church, and is talented with social media, organizational management, and HR tasks that actually keep the business running.  


Truth be told, Andy has been a silent partner for years, helping me from a long distance away. He, for example, pointed out that I had no Google presence in my first year. I didn’t even know what that was or how to get it – HAHA…so many things I didn’t (and still don’t) know. He’s been feeding me helpful suggestions for 5 years. He’s been my biggest supporter, somebody to call and “unload” on, the person who truly understands the VISION of our company. You see, he’s been my partner in every way other than physical status here in Little Rock, and of course the little issue of assuming a corporate title and responsibilities. We have made that official. Andy, Kirsten and their children have moved “home” to help propel Caring Transitions of Little Rock Metro to higher aspirations.  


I am thrilled. Welcome aboard guys! Please check your inbox as you will find my “Request for Vacation” scheduled in 4 weeks.

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